A greenhouse is “a building or complex in which plants are grown.”  We’re a podcast and a website, not a building.  Or a complex.  Put simply, we are a warm place for church plants to grow and be nurtured.  The mainstay of our work is the New Church Greenhouse Podcast, a program featuring a different church planting professional each week.  Some you may have heard of before.  Some are just starting out.  All have a journey full of stories.  What worked?  What didn’t?  Who are they reaching?  How were they first called to plant a new work?  What resources have they found valuable?

     The purpose of the podcast (and this website) is to encourage those who are currently planting a church or working with a new plant, or perhaps to nudge the reluctant disciple forward into the great unknown of church planting.  We strive to be a “greenhouse,” where new plants are fed and encouraged to grow.

If you find yourself in the midst of pioneering a new church, you’ve learned a few things. You’ve made some mistakes, but you’ve also seen a few miracles and some great examples of God’s provision. You also know just how much you don’t know (which, if you’re like me, is a lot!). You know where you are lacking, and perhaps you’d like to hear how other people have addressed similar issues. YES! The Greenhouse is for you!

You’ve got that gnawing feeling about a place that needs a new church. You see unmet needs all around, and your heart burns to see something done. Perhaps, though, you questions your ability or call. Fair enough. You may or may not be the right person for the job, but before you make a decision, you need to listen to other individuals who’ve been in the same place and processed the same questions. Pray, and listen to the podcast because… YES! The Greenhouse is for you!

You have a building. You have some people. You have a bank account for the church. While technically your church is not new, many of the challenges you find are similar to those of church planters. You’re desperate for vision and resources and favour. Tune in to the podcast to hear from others desperate for the same things. Hang in there, because… YES! The Greenhouse is for you!

The mothering model is great for birthing new ministries, but it comes with its own challenges. For one, you add another personality to the mix: the pastor of the mother church. If you are that pastor, you’ll want to listen to the New Church Podcast. You will find it challenging and enlightening. Welcome, Pastor… YES! The Greenhouse is for you!