About the New Church Greenhouse Podcast…

Bryan Elliott

Bryan Elliott

Creator of the New Church Greenhouse

Bryan Elliott is the host of the New Church Greenhouse podcast.  Bryan is passionate about seeing more churches planted across American and the United Kingdom.

“With more churches come more Christians,” says Bryan, “and with more Christians there is a greater potential for affecting our present world for good.  How many schools and hospitals and feeding stations and charitable organizations have their genesis in a local church?  Think of the impact we can have if we have more churches.”

An avid listener of podcasts, Bryan eventually found himself listening to podcasts about…podcasts.  Bryan tells it this way:  “I would listen to these guys talk about their stories of how they got into podcasting, and you know what it did?  It started me thinking about whether or not I could start  a podcast.  I would listen to them tell about past mistakes and lessons, and also about the resources that really helped them.”

Then Bryan had a revelation.

“It hit me one day.  What if there were a podcast about church planting where each week another guy or gal who was involved with planting a church would share their stories of success and failure?  We could have, as guests, people from across the spectrum – newbies, guys with several years under their belt, or perhaps even well-known pastors from across the world who started out planting a church – all sharing stories.”  Bryan’s hope is that those in the throws of pioneering new works across the U.K. and America would find inspiration and encouragement through these interviews.  There’s another reason he does it, too.  “Just as podcasting podcasts got me to thinking that I could do this program, I really hope that there are some people out there who, though maybe they’ve never thought about it before, might listen to our show and start to think, ‘You know, maybe I could be a part of a new work out there.  Maybe I could do it, too.”

Though originally from Kansas, Bryan and his wife Misty started Capital City Church in Cardiff, Wales in 2012, and continue to work with church planting efforts across Wales.