Special Announcement – On Hiatus

As many of you know, we are on our own church planting journey.  We began Capital City Church in Cardiff Wales in 2012.  Since summer of 2014 we have been back in the United States on furlough and raising more support.

Our support is almost completely in, and we are preparing to return to Wales later this summer.  This means that most of our efforts will be spent on securing visas, wrapping up family projects, etc.  It also means we will be moving out of our temporary house and in with our parents for several weeks.  Consequently, I will have no studio!  So as we pack up and make the big move, please have grace and patience with us, and know that the New Church Greenhouse will return in early Autumn (probably September).  There’s a chance we may add a few sporadic episodes in the mean time, and perhaps some written posts.  Thanks for listening to the podcast!!

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