Welcome to the Podcast!!!

  • Bryan Elliott

Welcome to the New Church Greenhouse!!  I'm a church planter, and I know how important it is to learn.  I don't know about you, but I learn so much when I'm in the company of other people who are in the same line of work.  Older people...wiser people...people who've made mistakes and learned lessons that perhaps I haven't yet. 

A greenhouse is a place where young plants find warmth and nourishment.  This is a "greenhouse" for church plants.  Imagine being able to hear the stories of dozens of other ministry pioneers on demand!  That's the idea behind The New Church Greenhouse podcast.  If you're a planter, we want you to find encouragement and ideas.  If you are thinking of planting a new church, we want you to hear how God spoke to and led other planters to their places of ministry.  Maybe you're not a planter, but you are a pastor looking for inspiration and resources.  You're welcome in the Greenhouse, too! 

A new episode of the podcast is released every Friday, with show notes and links available here on the website.  Subscribe to the Greenhouse, and you will receive each week's show notes right in your email inbox.  Subscribers will also have access to special offers and resources from the Greenhouse. (Note: subscribers will only receive offers from the New Church Greenhouse website - we will not offer our subscribers' info to third parties.)

So come on in to Greenhouse.  Download a podcast episode...after hearing one, you won't want to stop!!

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